See all your dashboards

in one slideshow loop

on any device in real-time


coming soon

Viewing your dashboards no matter where you may be and on any device has never been easier.


Dsplai will continuously rotate through the dashboards you choose on any device as if you were watching a slideshow.

Just install the App, log in, and away you go!

All monitorings displayed in one APP

The Cloud brings it all to any device.

All your URLs and setting will be right there whenever and wherever you need them. 

We are the development team supporting all of our products. 


In our office, we monitor our App's performance in real-time on CTVs dashboards.


But before we invented Dsplai, to get these dashboards on our walls we had to buy CTVs, bought net-tops, installed Linux on each, downloaded a plugin to each browser, and even then only could rotate URLs one by one with delay.

Not the easiest and effective way, right?

And we could only see it when sitting in our office!

That was our inspiration to develop Dsplai.  

Now you can get your information wherever there is an internet

and on whatever device you choose.



up to 3 URLs

flexible show duration

3 devices max





For personal use






For growing companies



per month

 unlimited URLs

9 devices max

hide top bar

health-check panel 

all Free plan features +

all Pro plan features +

per month





For big companies


unlimited number of devices

scheduled URL, message or pic broadcast

up to 9 roles in the account

URLs availability per certain roles

custom logo



coming soon

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